14 Days tour




Duration:  7 days
Length:  850 km
Places to see :  Ancient deer statues, tombs, stone statue, the nomadic life and beautiful natural places to travel
Price:  A group of 3-5 people: 3500 $ per person,
A group of 6-10 people:  2400 $ per person,
Map and general description of the archaeo-tourism route from Ulaanbaatar, to the valley of the river Hanuyof the valley Hanuyon the territory Өndөr-Ulaan Arkhangai aimag
  1. 1. National natural Park on Mount Hustai. This National Natural Park is located 90 kilometers west of Ulan Bator, in addition to the fun to please their eyes wild horse (Equusferusprzewalskii), deer and other rare animals can be held at the location of deer stones and hereksuure, Culture of the slab burial in site Jargalant and Hunnu burial grounds in the area Morin Tolgoi, Mongolia, representing the era of the early bronze Age. The area site “Өngөt” meet you stored the stone statues and memorial construction Turkish period related to YI-YIII centuries. BC. Tour group, has left at 7 am from the city of Ulaanbaatar, on arrival at the Sanctuary takes lunch at the camp site, after which, in the afternoon can begin to next with archaeological monuments. Time rest and lodging can be assumed in the tourist camp or on site in tents that will put in place close to the monuments archaeologic online.
  1. 2. Archaeological sites Bayannuur-Dashinchilen. are the next stop archaeo-tourism group after the Reserve and its surroundings. In this area there are such famous archeological monuments as Turkish tomb of the ancient city chosen shall  “Chilen”  Khitan time and settlement in the valley. Harbuh.After visiting the monuments of the group arrives to spend the night in the tourist base on the lake.Өgii. leisure time and spending the night at a camp site can be assumed, or in tents on the shore of the lake.
  1. 3. Next site of the monumentsTsaidam and old capitol Khar-Khorin. After breakfast tour group leaves the like Өgii  in the area site Tsaidam where the famous sacrifice and memorial complex Kaganat YI-YIII centuries AD, The stele Bilge Kagan and his brother, the commander of Kul-Tegin.On this trip we also visit the ruins of Harhorum, the capital of the Mongol Empire in the XIII., And we will see built in XYI A Buddhist monastery. After lunch, we arrive at the remains of the ancient city of Har balgas, witness the history of the Uighur state, which existed on the territory of modern Mongolia YIII-IX centuries. At the end of the monuments tour group will make spending the night in the tourist center of Kharkhorin or in site river
  1. 4. Arheological monuments at the confluence river Orhon and Tamir and in the valley. Tamir: The next day, in the morning after breakfast group of tourists continues its path in a given direction, where are the ruins of the ancient city of Hunnu In the valley of the river. Tamir tourists interested in the place of group burials of ordinary people and the Hun tomb Turkish Hagan YI-YIII centuries AD. Lunch can be taken in the open air or in the center of Battsengel soum. The afternoon tour group spends on their territory Tamir soum: first in the valley, we will visit Bayantsagaan location hereksuure complexes with deer stones of the Bronze Age, and then arrive at a unique natural creation Taihar Chuluu. This huge stone with the inscription of various historical periods of standing alone in a spacious valley, Porojan all its grandeur and mystery of the emergence. After visiting the monuments begins at rest and spend the night, which can organize a group of tourists at their own discretion – at the camp site or in tents on the shore of r.Tamir.
  1. 5. The group of monuments in the valley. Hanuy. From the valley r.Tamir tour group leaves for Өndөr-Ulaan somon Arkhangai aimag, where in the valley. Hanuy acquainted with the famous archeological monument- site king tomb’s of the Hunnu aristocrats who created the first state of the Central Asian nomads in the III-I centuries BC. In this site, called in the archaeological science Gol mod-2 can not only admire the historical monuments, but also directly get acquainted with the ongoing archaeological excavations, and more visitors can try for a part in them. In addition, you can organize a trip for a short distance to visit location hereksuure complexes with deer stones of the Bronze Age.
  1. 6. Arheologicheskie monuments in the valley of rivers. Hanuy and Hunnu:From site Gol Mod- 2 tour group goes to on territory Erdenemandal, in the territory of which the tourists learn about the archaeological sites from different historical periods: Deer stones and hereksuure Bronze Age monuments of Turkishking’s which existed on the territory of modern Mongolia YI-YIII centuries AD, and with the remnants. settlement Har Hul King, one of the witnesses of the time history of the Mongol empire of the XIII century.After visiting this place takes group lunch on the settlementThe further way of tourists pass through the passes Urtiin Huuray give and give and come to the valley. Hunnu, where you can visit the unique archaeological heritage: monuments of history: the construction of Remembrance Turkic king’s YI-YIII centuries, the monuments of the Bronze Age / hereksuure with deer stone site, Hunnu site of King tombs Gol mod- 1. Dinner relies on nature to stop to spend the night on the  river of Hunnu in tents.
Thereby end archaeo-tourism route and travel group after breakfast travel to Ulan Bator
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