” Jade of the Hunnu” CO.LTd

Company “Jade of the Hunnu” offers you to travel through the territory of Mongolia with great interest and a real adventure as an explorer and archaeologist.

Our proposed “Archaeo-tur” program gives you the opportunity not only to get acquainted with the unique heritage of the ancient history of Mongolia, but also in the case of requests, provide the conditions to ask them for further: to study left by ancient nomads in Mongolia archaeological sites, to do with them photographs and measurement.

Guides your “archaeo-tur”  trip will work archeologists Mongolia, thanks to which you can live in tents, cook over an open fire eating and spending time around the campfire, infinitely admire the shining stars of the night sky, as if have to feeling  real as the same archaeologist-explorer, are in field trials. You offer three different programs archaeo-tourism  have to trips  in territory Mongolia:

The first program: During the week-long trip to the central regions of Mongolia, you have an opportunity to get acquainted with the ancient tombs, heregsuure and deer stones of the Bronze Age; visit places site of the King’s tomb, nobles and ordinary citizens Hun period and do with these photographs and measurement; human stone and memorial structures relating to the history of the Turkish kings; to come to the location of the white traces of the Mongol Empire – the ruins of its capital Hara-Horum and visit a Buddhist monastery built in XYI century.

The second program: offers a 2-week trip to the central regions of Mongolia, during which you will, in addition to the reference to the archaeological monuments and historical sites, as described in the first program, the opportunity to immerse themselves in the life of nomadic herders in Mongolia today.

You, as desired, and can spend time in field can be meeting nomadic people- in a Mongolian felt yurt, which creates an unusual, but very cose atmosphere.

The third program: offers a 3-week trip to the central regions of Mongolia. Its feature is that during this, rather long tours, in addition to the reference to the archaeological monuments and historical attractions of Mongolia who wish to have a rare opportunity to take myself as an archaeologist. At this time you can take part in archaeological excavations and carry out an independent measurement of some / these? / Monuments and sites.

You  arealso have the option to spend time and can to spend in the Mongolian yurt, which will leave you a very unusual appearance. Serving your staff:

Archaeologists: your guides are professional archaeologists who worked in the Mongolian archaeological science from 15 to 30 years with much experience.

They are guiding you to all places of selected programs and routes you to get acquainted with archeological monuments, history and culture of the Mongols, with their way of life and modern life. You can be assured of professional qualifications provided to you archaeologist’s guidebooks.

Drivers: Since you are experienced and proven business drivers to ensure your safe and comfortable journey in any climatic conditions of Mongolia.

Translators: You need not worry about the question of “How to be a language?”.

Over the entire period of tours you will be professional translators with the language you are want.

We offer you the service of interpreters from Russian, English, French, German, Chinese and Korean languages. If necessary, you can make an order for  at first service interpreters your desired language.

Cook: During your tours to different places of Mongolia, our chefs carry out the duties to serve you with everything you need in relation to power without any obstacles. We offer Mongolian, European and Asian cuisine in the field and prepare your special order without any change in taste and quality.

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